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About the show

What is Czech Design Week

Czech design week is a design show representing artists from the independent scene.

We intend to present the most interesting works of Czech and foreign artists with an emphasis on authenticity and a personal vision.

The Czech Design Week project

Each exhibitor will be given adequate space for their presentation. The event is selective and only for chosen works. Emphasis will be placed on the individual and personal approach of individual designers.



Czech Design Week exhibitors

Exhibitors for the upcoming CZDW will be published soon


Czech Design Week will offer a rich program to accomapny the show during and outside the main event.

The schedule is being prepared and will be available here soon.

Fellow Organizers

Exclusive Partners

Tickets and General Info

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Fellow Organizers

Exclusive Partners

Main partners


Media partners

Foreign partners

The aim of the project is to create platforms which will allow the general public to connect with experts in the fields of design and art. Design is an everyday life activity for all and we are therefore open to creative artistic works and their free expression in production, marketing and sales.
We want to give artists the possibility to present to the public their ideas and the stories that lay behind their works. We want to show that design is not just represented by an expensive piece of art sitting in their apartment.
We support local production and creative works of art. We are convinced that small independent studios and creative individuals can compete internationally.
We like to engage with public spaces and bring design out of closed rooms and onto the city streets where anyone can appreciate it.
We want to connect Czech artists to their international counterparts. In the course of the year we are sending our artists abroad and in turn welcoming foreign artists here.