About Czech Design Week

An annual showcase of contemporary design and artistic creation. We believe that design is an integral part of our lives and reaches into all areas of society. That's why we believe that design, like Czech Design Week, is there for everyone. For designers and creators themselves, general public or business representatives. The aim of the festival is to create a platform that will connect the professional and general public with selected Czech and international designers through their current work and also through accompanying festival program focused on current topics in the field of design. An important focus of the festival lies in the discovery and support of young creators among  graduates and design students in order to introduce the new generation of designers from Czechia and abroad to the public. Each year the festival, which dates back to 2014, comes to life in various places in the center of Prague. Since 2022, the main venue of the festival is the Mánes Exhibition Hall building, also called Mánes Gallery.

Our Main Goals

1. To create a platform that will connect the  public as well as professionals in the field of design and art. Design is a daily part of our lives, so we encourage limitless creation and its rich expression in production, promotion or sale.

2. To give artists the opportunity to bring their ideas and the stories behind the products closer to the public. We want to showcase that design is much more than an expensive item for an apartment.

3. To support domestic production and creative process. We believe that small independent studios and individual creatives can stand up internationally.

4. To engage in public space and get design out of closed rooms into city streets so that anyone can appreciate it.

5. To connect the Czech design community with the international and send our artists and designers through the year to participate in showcase exhibitions, while present international designers through our festival in Prague.

Czech Design Awards

Czech Design Award is each year announced on the last day of festival. The prizes in the form of glass vases, designed by František Jungvirt, are awarded by a jury composed of art and design theorists and representatives of the media, as well as for the organizers of the festival, and their aim is to reward young talented creators in particular, to help spread awareness of their work and to provide them with motivation for further creation.

Kdo se může přihlásit?

Kdokoliv! Jsme otevření přihláškám od jednotlivců, škol, ateliérů, designových studií či firem.Důležitá není velikost ale hlavně kvalita nápadů a způsobu prezentace. Všechny přihlášky posuzujeme individuálně, náš produkční tým také zůstává v kontaktu s přihlášenými a poskytuje rady a pomoc v přípravě instalací.

Dutch design

DDW does not just see Dutch design as a label for a certain group of designers or design aesthetic, but as a permanent reflection of a culture and attitude that is characteristic of the Netherlands and of Dutch people. We identify with a solution-oriented approach, functionality, humanism, free thinkers, brutality, humour, ability to put things into perspective, single-mindedness, not hindered by thinking in terms of hierarchical barriers, the unconventional. But also the readiness for taking stakeholders seriously and involving them in the solution, in the creative process. Dutch design is an attitude and does not by definition refer to a nationality.

Mission and Vision

DDW is optimistic and believes in the problem-solving capabilities of designers. They have demonstrated that they dispose of the inventiveness and flexibility of mind that can lead to innovations that our rapidly changing world so craves.