Czech Design Week Holds Its 11th Edition in Mánes in September 2024. Prepares New Program

Czech Design Week will take place this year from 5 to 8 September, again at the Mánes Exhibition Hall in Prague. The 11th edition of the Czech Design Week festival will celebrate the entry into its second decade with innovations in the exhibition and program line, which the organizers will publish gradually. Applications for all designers, design students, studios, brands, companies and other creators run until June 15, 2024.

Over the years, the Czech Design Week festival has established itself on the Prague cultural map as a show that annually presents the current work of especially the youngest generation of Czech designers from among students and graduates of artistic, design or craft fields. Thanks to this, the festival regularly shows the public where “Czech design will go in the coming years and which new names will shape it.

He wants to follow this path in the next decade, which will be kicked off by the 11th year of the festival. Also this year, from 5 to 8 September, Czech Design Week will visit the Mánes Exhibition Hall, which is Prague's leading gallery space, to show that contemporary design works have an unmistakable place in addition to the artistic.

The second decade of the festival will begin with several innovations in the exhibition and program line, which the organizers will gradually publish in the coming months and which will respond to current trends and issues that resonate not only in the Czech but also in the foreign environment.

“The Czech Design Week festival was founded with the aim of supporting Czech design... Over the years, this goal has been transformed into a whole platform that annually not only presents the current work of Czech designers and creators, but also discovers new talents who have shaped Czech design in the coming years and will shape Czech design in the coming years. I believe that this goal will continue to develop the festival in its second decade,” said Lukáš Pipek, director of Czech Design Week.

The first festival change is the change of the visual identity of the festival and the launch of the new website Through them, the organizers will communicate all information related to the festival, including information about exhibiting designers and the accompanying program of the festival, which will also focus on lectures, debates or panel discussions on the topic of current trends in the design, artistic and cultural sphere.

The festival organizers entrusted the work of preparing the visual identity and website to graphic designer David Novák (Dacid), who is currently completing his studies at the Prague UMPRUM in the Atelier of Graphic Design and Visual Communication and who is one of the co-founders of the SMYK association, which creates a space for meeting and presenting projects of the visual scene.

Part of the new graphic form of the festival is also a change in the logo through which the festival communicates. The author is designer Viktor Mizera, a graduate of the Studio of Typography and Typography UMPRUM, who currently works in the Displaay studio, which is also behind the previous logo of the Czech Design Week festival.