Czech Design Award 2023 Winners Presented At Prague Curator Contemporary Gallery

As part of its regular exhibition cycle, the Malostranská gallery Curator Contemporary presented a new collective exhibition Selekce 2023. The exhibition presents the work of young designers and designers who received the Czech Design Award this year.

The Curator Contemporary gallery presents two main exhibition lines in regular cycles, the primary one of which represents the dialogical interconnection of image and object. Now, once again after a year, he presents an exhibition line focused on contemporary young design at the border of free art, exclusively in cooperation with the international festival Czech Design Week, within which the Czech Design Award is awarded. The exhibition was also co-organized by Prague 1.

Together, the exhibition presented the works of five authors and authors (Jakub Knápek, Pavlína Šváchová, Lucia Kružlicová, Markéta Masnicová and Vlastimil Šenkyř) and one creative duo (NabilkovaXadus) in a site-specific installation created by the duo NabilkovaXadus for the Curator Contemporary gallery.

This year's 14-member jury, made up of experts from experienced designers, design theorists, educators and cultural media representatives, decided through an anonymous vote during the festival. Their result was also the award of a Special Jury Recognition, namely to designer Markéta Masnicová, who studies in the Product Design studio at FUD UJEP and who, in addition to her bachelor thesis, a collection of Monocat multifunctional glasses, also presented a concrete collection of aroma lamps and diffusers.

“The Boundary of the Year brings a selection of those outstanding young authors and authors who in their work also move on the border in the field of applied design, which transcends itself, namely to free art. “

Gallery manager and curator Bára Alex Kašparová

You can not only see what the authors and authors have offered in their works this year, but also feel the works or haptically explore them. Representations of new technologies combining traditional practices, originality and respect for craftsmanship represent these award-winning works, which are an export item suitable for every personal space. Enjoy the selection and choose your piece from young talented designers and designers. A gallerist added.

The visual for the exhibition is graphic artist Petr Babák, founder of the graphic studio Laboratoř and head of the Studio Graphic Design and New Media at UMPRUM.